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Barrier Matting Floor Services

Barrier and entrance matting can be an essential install for many commercial properties, reducing soiling and extending the life of any installed floorings and reducing chance of slips due to any water being walked in.

There is a wide choice of matting available. Some of the most common are coir matting which is made from the natural husk of the coconut, hippo matting, which are synthetic and ribbed with a rubber backing and engineered matting systems which are metal framed and require a qualified expert to install. They also come as easy to install tiles which are similar to carpet tiles

Barrier matting would normally be installed to any entrance, whether that be from the street or from the entrance to your office floor and will save your freshly installed floor becoming dirty or wet and potentially prolong its lifetime.

barrier matting installed in entrance of office with red door

Frequently Asked Questions

Barrier matting traps dirt and moisture from shoes. The mat design allows dirt to scrape off, preventing them from spreading inside the building

Barrier matting is commonly used in high-traffic entrance areas of buildings such as offices, hotels and public facilities. 

Yes, most barrier mats are designed for easy cleaning. Regular vacuuming can help remove loose dirt or a a damp cloth for a more thorough clean.

The lifespan of barrier matting depends on factors such as the level of foot traffic and quality. Generally, they can last years but it’s essential to monitor wear and tear. 

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