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Top 10 Flooring Trends in 2024

Flooring trends are constantly evolving as styles change and new materials are used. When thinking about sprucing up your space in 2024, the flooring you

yellow sign with fall symbol on safety flooring

A Complete Guide to Safety Flooring

According to recent statistics, in 2022-2023, there were over 179,500 injuries caused by slips and falls in the workplace.  Imagine walking into a space where

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A Complete Guide To Linoleum Flooring

Welcome to our complete guide on linoleum flooring, where we will delve into the world of linoleum flooring. Choosing the right flooring is crucial for

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A Complete Guide To Rubber Flooring

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on rubber flooring! In this blog, we’ll dive into the types of rubber flooring, how it’s made, and what you

image of fire fighter running into a burning room

What type of flooring is most fireproof?

Fire safety is paramount for commercial spaces like offices or hospitality businesses. This blog will explore the fire safety regulations for commercial flooring types such