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When choosing to install a new commercial flooring one of the first questions you will be wondering is just how much is it going to cost??

Whilst there will be many variables that can affect the final cost of a commercial flooring project, most prices are based on a square meterage rate. Hopefully, we can help you decide about what flooring will work best to suit you budget and give you an insight and a rough idea of how much the final cost of flooring will be.

Whilst we can’t comment on what any other commercial flooring contractor may charge, these are our average cost of flooring installations but please note that they are only intended as a guide.


At the start of any flooring project, the first thing to consider is the level of preparation that will be required. You can read our guide to flooring preparation here.

 When it comes to flooring preparation, it is far from cut and dry and there can be a whole host of variables that can alter the final flooring costs.. Below, we will list the most common forms of basic preparation and give you an overview of the associated costs for the supply and installation.

Uplift Old Flooring

The first step to installing a new commercial flooring product is to uplift and remove the old, existing flooring. The amount of time and effort required to get the old flooring up can vary greatly and could require the use of mechanical strippers and grinding machines in order to get back to a subfloor that is workable.

A site visit would always be required to ascertain exactly what would be required as some jobs can be a lot easier than others! On average, to uplift soft flooring (i.e vinyls and carpets) the cost would be around the £2-5 per square meter mark, dependant on what is coming up, but this could become more if the old flooring is difficult to budge.

Uplift Labour – £2-5 per m2

Timber Subfloor

Once the old flooring has been removed you would hope to find underneath either a timber or a solid (i.e., concrete) subfloor. For the basis of this guide, we will assume that everything is smooth sailing and only a standard level of preparation is required.

So, when it comes to installing new vinyl, LVT or similar flooring over a timber subfloor, the first step is getting the floor as flat as it can be. This would usually involve installing a 4 or 6mm ply, which is then fixed to the timber subfloor and a thin, feather finish compound is applied to smooth the entire area.

Timber Prep – £15-20 per m2

Smoothing Compound

When it comes to preparing a solid subfloor ready for flooring installation, such as concrete or terrazzo, the most common method would be the application of a latex based smoothing compound. This is a pourable concrete based compound that leaves a nice, flat and smooth surface to work on.

There can be a whole host of variables when dealing with a solid subfloor but again, we will work on the assumption there are no major obstacles to contend with.

There is a huge array of different smoothing compounds available, from your  standard £10 a bag mixes up to high spec, £35+ mixes made for specific applications. Normal labour costs for applying the smoothing compound will be around £4.50 per meter square.

Smoothing Compound Prep – £7.50 – £12 per m2

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are essential, go-to flooring solution for many workplaces and you can read our full guide to carpet tiles here.

Of all the many types of commercial flooring available, carpet tiles are perhaps the easiest to work a price out for. The biggest price factor will usually be which carpet tile you decide to install. And while these run from the very budget friendly ranges that can be as low as £8 per meter square they can also go up to £40+ per meter square for a very high-end product.

For your average job though, you would be looking at around £12-20 per M2 for a quality, durable carpet tile that looks and functions great.

Pricing for installation is a bit more straight forward, and we would charge £4.50 – £7.50 per meter squared for installation or per linear meter for stairs, dependant on the size of the project.

Material Costs£8-40

Installation Costs – £4.50 – 7.50

Safety/Vinyl/Marmoleum Flooring

Safety flooring is an excellent choice for many flooring projects as it offers a hardwearing, slip resistant product that will last for many years, you can read our guide here.

When it comes to contract vinyl flooring, it can be a little harder to set a solid installation price as there are many factors to include when it comes to installation, such as the size and complexity of the area and variations on the product itself. Also, whether it’s been coved up the wall or simply flat laid will be a big factor in the final price.

The cost of the vinyl is the first thing to consider. These included budget friendly ranges which can start as low as £10 per m2 up to £40 per M2 for a high specification product. The product chosen can then affect the total cost of the installation due to the level of skill and time required to install.

When installing your average contract flooring, the installation cost, including the hot welding of joints, would normally be £15-20 per meter square for flat lay installations. There would also be a cost of around £12-15 per linear meter for coved vinyl.

Material Costs – £10-£40

Installation Costs – £13-15

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

LVT can be a great addition to your flooring project as it provides photo realistic looks of real woods and stone, whilst being exceptionally durable and easy to maintain. You can read our guide to LVT flooring here.

The costs of the LVT itself, as with all commercial flooring products, can be vastly different and the final price will be dependant on whether you’re looking for a basic design or an intricate, unique pattern. For the purpose of this guide will base the average prices on a basic design.

 On the lower end of the scale, you could get a nice quality commercial product for as little as £15.50 per m2 or you could choose an exclusive high-end product for £35+.

The installation costs will vary depending on complexity of the install but on average, for the majority of works, you would be looking at between £15-22 per meter squared for installation

Material Costs – £16-35

Installation Costs – £13-22

Additional Variable Costs

The flooring installation costs outlined above are very much meant as a guide, and many variables can affect the final price. Things such as working “out of hours” (weekends, nights), waste removal, how much area is available for working at any one time, if there is furniture to be moved and worked around, plus any additional works such as damp proofing, etc. can and will affect the final quoted price.

As a final note, please be aware that this guide is only intended to give you an idea of the costs. Only following a site visit and once a product choice has been made, will a final quote be made available.

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