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Office Flooring Installation Services

Here at London Commercial Flooring, we offer office flooring installation for various sizes of commercial buildings; we are a highly qualified, experienced team who can provide you with the best service throughout the installation process. As a cost-effective company, we are idle for your office flooring installation.

Since office flooring installation is an essential aspect of office design or renovation, we hope to provide you with the best experience and easy-going service. If you have well-installed flooring, this can enhance your office’s appearance and offer a safe and comfortable work environment for all employees that will also create a lasting impression for any visitors or clients.

Office flooring installation involves services such as brand new flooring or replacement of existing ones. As a professional flooring installation company, we provide various services to help with this. When completing the installation, we must ensure that all safety regulations are met and that the flooring is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Our services can be beneficial to enhancing the overall appearance of the office and increasing its value.

commercial carpet tile installation
commercial carpet tile installation

Aspects of Office Flooring Installation

Bear in mind that the chosen flooring will depend on various factors, including durability, ease of maintenance, aesthetics, and budget. You will also need to consider the flooring you want to use, such as carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, hardwood, and ceramic tiles, which are some of the most popular flooring options for offices.

Apart from installing the flooring, the subflooring preparation will need to be considered since the subfloor would need to be dry and free from any debris or contaminants to ensure that your new flooring is installed by us correctly and lasts a long time.

We will also consider the timing of the installation since, in many cases, the flooring installation will need to be completed outside of regular business hours to minimise disrupting co-workers in the offices.

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