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Commercial Rubber Sheet Flooring

Here at London Commercial Flooring, we specialise in commercial rubber flooring installation with rubber sheets.

Rubber sheets are composed of rubber polymers from natural sources like latex sap or synthetic materials through a chemical process.

Whether you’re refurbishing an office space, upgrading a retail environment or a gym. Rubber sheet flooring offers many benefits, such as flexibility and durability, suitable for any type of business.

With years of industry experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction, London Commercial Flooring is your trusted partner for rubber sheet flooring installation across London. 

rubber flooring installation

Advantages of Rubber Sheet Flooring


Rubber sheets offer enhanced durability as there are no gaps meaning there are few points of vulnerability where it may degrade over time. It is capable of heavy foot traffic and impact from large items


Rubber sheet flooring provides traction and grip, even when wet, reducing risks of slips and falls. Making it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and locker rooms.

Ease of Maintenance

With few seams and joints there are fewer areas on rubber sheet flooring for dirt to accumulate. Regular sweeping, mopping and occasional deep cleaning is all thats needed.


With rubber sheet flooring, you can have full control over, including choosing the colour, patterns, surface finish, thickness and size.

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