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Stairs and Trim Services

When planning a project, the devil is in the detail, and you will need to think about what trims may be required for the install, including door thresholds, transitions, stringers (open ended staircases) and nosings (on the step edges). There are many materials available, including metals, PVC, and rubber. When choosing any trim, special attention needs to be made to make sure the correct profile is selected to suit the job at hand.

As a staircase can be made of wood, concrete or metal selecting the correct nosing is extremely important as the fixing methods and profile of nosings will change.

blue contract carpet installed in office stairway with clear window stairwell frame

Stairs being installed for Thornwood office

Stair and Trim Installation

When installing metal nosings, we use a specialist service to accurately check and measure all steps on site. This then allows for the nosings to be professionally cut off site and then delivered ready to install. This ensures that all nosing will be a perfect fit and saves extra, noisy, and potentially dangerous works happening on site.

Stairs can generally be fitted with carpet tiles or contract carpet without too much prep work being required but when installing any vinyl/lino/LVT products special care must be taken to ensure then subfloor is correctly prepared on both the tread and riser to prevent any failure.

Another consideration is door thresholds and transition strips, which will also be required on projects where you are using multiple types of flooring to ensure a clean transition between flooring types and prevent any possible trips. These come in various styles and different profiles depending on the flooring types that are meeting and will normally require installing prior to the flooring being laid, so choosing the right trim can be essential for the smooth running of a project.

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