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Uplift & Floor Removal Services

The first task to complete on the majority of flooring projects is getting the old, tired flooring uplifted and properly disposed of.

You can read our guide to Flooring Preperation here plus our Price Guide is a handy read to give you an idea of the associated costs.

If you’re unlucky, the uplift can occasionally be the most labour intensive part of the flooring project. But your in safe hands when you call in the flooring proffesionals. We’ve got the extra grunt of machinery to make any uplift a lot quicker and easier than trying to go it alone!

Get in touch today and we will be happy to share our expertise!

As labourious as the uplift can be, it’s the essential first step to getting the project completed and we always reccommend making it as easy as possible, by hiring in the experts to get it done for you!

We have amazing waste disposal partners we work closely with and where possible will always look to reuse and recycle as much as is possible.

Pile of flooring waste outside an office after installation
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