Why Choose A Professional Flooring Company?

JHS office contract carpet installed in cloisters house. Room has high pointed ceiling and ring lights hanging from the ceiling

When planning for a new floor (and potentially on a tight budget) what options are available to you? If you are brave, you could decide to try to purchase all of the required materials and then have a go at installing it yourself… Or you could choose the much easier, safer and potentially more cost-effective route and go with the pros! 

So, what are some of the key benefits that can be expected when deciding to go with a professional flooring company?


The first benefit to be gained from using the flooring pros, is that they will be able to use all of their professional knowledge and experience to ensure you get the best possible job for your money from the very start. They will be able to assist with any planning and design, estimation, the purchase of materials, reduction of potential waste (materials and time!) and can also help with any information relating to the installation and the prevention of any possible problems. They will also have access to specialist commercial flooring software that can be used to produce and work off of any available technical drawings and could help with the production of any visualisation required.


When working out costs on any commercial flooring project, generally speaking, materials will be the largest factor involved. A professional commercial flooring company should have a good and direct relationship with product manufacturers and suppliers which enables them to secure better trade prices with the purchase of materials. These savings can in turn effectively be passed on to you, as the client. This creates the potential to make the project a lot more cost effective in the long run than it would be if trying to go it alone!


Any flooring installation project is going to require a whole host of specialist tools to complete and many of these can come with individual health and safety concerns which could cause serious injury if not used or operated properly. From the basic hand tools and specialist cutting blades to paddle mixers, STR machines, hot welders, auto-feeds and chop-saws, to name but a few. Many of these are necessary and expensive bits of kit that require competency and training to safely and effectively use and would create unnecessary risk and costs for the vast majority.

Speed and Quality

A team of skilled, professional contract flooring installers will have the years of training and experience behind them that simply cannot be learnt overnight. This will enable them to complete any commercial flooring project with a lot more speed and precision than any DIY enthusiast and would enable them to handover completed works, within a set time frame, to a high and ‘snag’ free quality. The skills that come from experience, in any profession, cannot be competed with!


Any commercial flooring project will run a lot quicker, smoother and more effectively if you have a great team on hand to deliver the results! From the initial pre-install planning and estimation, through the purchase and delivery of materials and finally the installation and handover of completed works, working with a professional flooring company is the best way to go when thinking about your next commercial flooring project!

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